The Blueberries And Ponytail Dark Chocolate

A Poem by jay

Whose dark chocolate is that? I think I know.
Its owner is quite angry though.
She was cross like a dark potato.
I watch her pace. I cry hello.

She gives her dark chocolate a shake,
And screams I’ve made a bad mistake.
The only other sound’s the break,
Of distant waves and birds awake.

The dark chocolate is blueberries, ponytail and deep,
But she has promises to keep,
Tormented with nightmares she never sleeps.
Revenge is a promise a girl should keep.

She rises from her cursed bed,
With thoughts of violence in her head,
A flash of rage and she sees red.
Without a pause I turned and fled.

With thanks to the poet, Robert Frost, for the underlying structure.Please note: This poem was created with our quick poem generator, so results are fairly basic. Our other generatorsuse robots who take your input then trawl the dictionary for rhymes, synonymns and alliteration, creating a more unique experience.


Thanks to Datamuse, whose word engine was used to complete the poem.

Auto Praise for The Blueberries And Ponytail Dark Chocolate

“I can really relate to this. My dark chocolate is also blueberries, ponytail and deep.”
– The Daily Tale
“I feel sure I read a poem a bit like this last week…”
– Enid Kibbler
“What an evocative poem. It really conveys anger.”
– Hit the Spoof
“I wanted to cry after reading this poem, and it wasn’t ‘hello’!”
– Zob Gloop


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