Pathfinders and Mentors

Five men got lost in a vast forest. They tried to find their way out.

The first man said, “I will follow my intuition and go left.”

The second man said, “I will go right. I have a strong feeling about this.”

The third man said, “I think I will walk back the same path we came. This should be the safest option.”

The fourth man said: “I think we are on the right track already, so I will keep going straight. I am sure this forest will end and I will find a village or a farm to ask for directions.”

The fifth man said, “I don’t know what to do. I think I will climb up this tall tree and take a better look around before I make up my mind.”

So the fifth man did that. While he was climbing, the other four men scattered towards their own directions. The fifth man now could see from above what was the shortest way to a village. He thought that the others should not have chosen the paths they did. He was wrong, though.

Each man chose his own path and gained a different experience. The man who went left, found a long path but in the end, it led him to the town.

The man who went right, had to fight a pack of wolves, but this way he learned how to survive in the forest.

The man who went back, met another team of hikers and he made new friends.

The man who went straight, found indeed a farm and was hosted by the family for a couple of days before leaving for the village.

Everyone was enriched in their own unique way by the journey.


Some reflections on this story…

What if, there are no “right” or “wrong” decisions?

Could it be that every decision offers us new experiences, which in turn offers us innumerable further opportunities for growth?

It has taken every decision of our life to bring us to where we are right now. In the fullness of the present, are we really in the wrong place? Even if it feels so, can we be sure?

What if there are no mistakes? Only opportunities?

20 harsh lessons to learn before you are 30

What are 20 harsh life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s? originally appeared on Quora — the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.
Answer by Max Lukominskyi, life and productivity hacker, on Quora:
Life has already begun. There is no interlude. Nor is there a trial version. Your every decision matters.
Your online friends are fake friends. Unfortunately, it’s true. Most of them do not care about you and will not come in your hour of need.
If you fall in love, be ready to get your heart broken. It is tough and it hurts.
Your studying career does not end after prom. Knowledge is crucial. If you are not willing to be left behind, keep studying.
Your family members are the most important people in your life. They are the only ones who care about you. Treat them well and appreciate them.
Your weaknesses do not matter. Learn to accept this. The only things that matter are your strengths. Improve them.
Everything worth doing takes years. Do not expect to reach your goals too quickly. It will probably take much longer than you imagine.
All the opportunities for growth are beyond your comfort zone. Make leaving it a habit. Find your discomfort zone. Enter it.
Broken relationships are not worth staying in. Do not waste your time on things you cannot fix anymore. Let them go and move ahead.
The world is full of injustice. There are plenty of unjust things you are likely to face within your lifetime. Be ready!
Luck comes to those who work hard. Good things do not come to those who wait. Persistence and hard work are the only prerequisites for luck.
There is no perfect moment to start. If you want to start doing something, act now. Do not wait for a better moment. It will never come.
You cannot be everywhere and have everything. Learn to make the right choices and commit to the things that matter most.
Every person in your life should be appreciated. Do not take people for granted.
Experience and emotions are your best investments. The traditional measures of success — fancy cars and houses — are no longer relevant. Emotions, memories, experience, knowledge. These are the things that matter.
Later often means never. Do not postpone anything. Live now!
Success equals perseverance. Do not give up. Stay dedicated to your dreams. Chasing them is difficult, but it’s worth the struggle.
Regular workouts are crucial. Take care of your health and body. Exercise regularly and make sure you are in a good shape.
Your failures do not matter. Only wins count. Therefore, do not be afraid to fail.
Nobody will help you. You have to help yourself.

7 Buddha Puzzles

*There are 7 puzzles which the Buddha answered**There are 7 puzzles which the Buddha answered*

1: “What is SHARPEST thing in this world?”

His people replied simultaneously: ” Sword.”

Answer Buddha:
The sharpest is the ” human tongue
Because through the tongue, humans easily slander people, hurt the heart, hurt people’s feelings, etc …

2: What has the MOST distance from us in this world?

Some replied: ” Space, the moon, the sun.”

Answer Buddha:
The most distant is the ” Past“.
Whoever we are, however rich we may be, we can NOT go back in time.
Therefore we must make good use of today & days that will come.

3: What is BIGGESTthing in this world?

Someone replied:
Mountain, Earth, Sun.

“Answer Buddha:
The biggest one in the world is ” Lust“.

Many humans become wretched because they indulge their lusts.
All modes are justified in order to realize the dream and lust of the world.
Therefore careful with lust ..!

4: “What has the MOST WEIGHT in this world?

“Someone replied:
Steel, iron, elephant.”

Answer Buddha:
The hardest is ” Promise“.
It’s easy to say but hard to do.

5: “What is LIGHTEST in this world?

“Someone replied:
Cotton, wind, dust, leaves.”

Answer Buddha:
The lightest in the world is ” Forgetting Me & Leaving Me“.

Look at the many people who are chasing wealth and position, some simply leaves Me

6: What is CLOSEST to us in this world?

Someone replied:
Parents, Friends, Friends, Relatives.”

Answer Buddha:
The closest to us is ” DEATH“.
Because death is SURE and can happen any second.

7: Last question:
“What’s the Easiest thing to do in this world?”

They replied:
Eating, sleeping, hanging out

Answer Buddha:
The easiest is

May all living beings be Well & Happy

The Happiness of The Motorcycle – Kris Gage – Medium

The Happiness of The Motorcycle
People think it’s about danger or speed — but it’s not

via The Happiness of The Motorcycle – Kris Gage – Medium

Random phrases for my today

  1. Know the Rope
    Meaning: Having a familiarity or understanding of how something works.
  2. Up In ArmsMeaning: Angry; being roused to the point that you are ready to fight.
  3. On the Same PageMeaning: Thinking alike or understanding something in a similar way with others.
  4. Happy as a ClamMeaning: The state of being happy; feeling delighted.
  5. Wake Up CallMeaning: An occurance of sorts that brings a problem to somebody’s attention and they realize it needs fixing.
  6. Money Doesn’t Grow On TreesMeaning: Suggests that money is a resource that must be earned and is not one that’s easily acquired.
  7. Scot-freeMeaning: Getting away freely from custody, punishment, or any type of risky situation.
  8. Not the Sharpest Tool in the ShedMeaning: Someone who isn’t witty or sharp, but rather, they are ignorant, unintelligent, or senseless.
  9. Playing For KeepsMeaning: Said when things are about to get serious.
  10. Wild Goose ChaseMeaning: Futilely pursuing something that will never be attainable.

Random thought generation for today

  1. This is the last random sentence I will be writing and I am going to stop mid-sent
  2. Two seats were vacant.
  3. The body may perhaps compensates for the loss of a true metaphysics.
  4. The stranger officiates the meal.
  5. We need to rent a room for our party.


Meher Baba

“Among the many things which the aspirant needs to cultivate there are few which are as important as cheerfulness, enthusiasm and equipoise, and these are rendered impossible unless he succeeds in cutting out worry from his life. When the mind is gloomy, depressed and disturbed its action is chaotic and binding.

Hence arises the supreme need to maintain cheerfulness, enthusiasm and equipoise under all circumstances. All these are rendered impossible unless the aspirant succeeds in cutting out worry from his life. Worry is a necessary resultant of attachment to the past or to the anticipated future, and it always persists in some form or other until the mind is completely detached from everything.”

DISCOURSES, 6th ed, vol 3, pp. 121-122
1967 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust
photo: Beloved Baba in Meherabad
copyright Meher Nazar Publications or MSI Collection