10 Screwups That Changed The Course Of History

ELISABETH SEDGWICK JUNE 8, 2018   Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe you forgot to buy milk at the grocery store, or perhaps an important e-mail to your boss went off with a glaring typo in the subject line. At least you can rest assured that life’s little mishaps rarely lead to much greater calamities. Some mistakes, however, are … Continue reading 10 Screwups That Changed The Course Of History


CII Startupreneur Awards I am writing to share with you an exciting new initiative of CII for start-ups. With the Government of India’s Start-up India initiative, CII has committed to facilitating and supporting a large number of start-ups across the country, who will eventually go on to become the wealth creators and employment generators of … Continue reading Apply for CII STARTPRENEURS AWARD

Random Phrases for today.

Some of these random phrases tell us the course of actions or how the day will unfold. Take today's example Dropping Like Flies Meaning:  To fall down ill or to die in large numbers. Fortunately, No one died, but because of the biorhythm changes, someone fell sick suddenly.  All well no. Happy as a Clam … Continue reading Random Phrases for today.

Learning to let go of the past. Via Medium newsletter

Tiffany Sun I’m rebuilding my life by discovering who I am, learning what I’m capable of after a 9 year heartbreak that left me stranded in China. http://misstiffanysun.com Jun 3 Learning to Let Go of the Past After our breakup, I’d often glance back at old photos, read our messages and reminisce about all the … Continue reading Learning to let go of the past. Via Medium newsletter

What is my Religion?

RELIGION ~~~ True religion consists of developing that attitude of mind which results in seeing One Infinite Existence pervading the universe; then one could live in the world and yet not be of it, and at the same time one could be in harmony with everyone and everything; then one could attend to all worldly … Continue reading What is my Religion?

The Bigger Question

by Dan Pedersen If you view life as mere survival, it will be empty. If you view life as mere pleasure, it will be empty. If you view life as merely achieving goals, you will have the illusion of success. What will give you the inner peace you’re looking for? That’s the big question. Everyone … Continue reading The Bigger Question

Are we all hypocrites ..

THE LAW OF KARMA —- The question may yet be asked as to why should the Master then not impart Knowledge to all individuals, instead of giving Knowledge to some, and not giving it to others. This is a question of law divine, commonly known as the law of karma, or law of bindings, or … Continue reading Are we all hypocrites ..