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Cloudtail India, one of the largest sellers of Amazon India, seems to have an enviable annual financial number. This has not gone down well with the other online sellers as many of them have accused the online marketplace of providing a preferential treatment to a few select sellers, reports ET.
Concurrent to Flipkart’s journey, it sparked off the individual journeys of several entrepreneurs in the making. One such ex-Flipster-turned-entrepreneurs is Punit Soni, who is working on revolutionising healthtech with his startup Suki, we caught up with Soni for an Inc42 Facebook Live AMA. Read the story to get insights on his lessons from Flipkart and how they are shaping him and helping him as an entrepreneur.
As the physical and geographical barriers in the startup world slowly break down, startups across the world are focussing on localising their solutions and local startups are trying to find a global appeal for their solutions. Here is a curated rundown of the news and happenings from around the tech & startup world.



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If you keep a tab on technology news, you may have heard/read about the GDPR more times than you can keep count lately. May 25 — the implementation date of the Regulation — and the entire business game and liabilities of Internet and data companies will change, making it harder for them to take consumer data for granted. But will it also hamper innovation? And what does this mean for India Inc, especially for Indian startups? Read this story to find out.
A lawyer, who has been very close to the developments on the deal, on condition of anonymity, told Inc42, “In this entire deal which saw Flipkart’s valuation at around $20.7 Bn, there is still no tax clarity as the treaties signed by India with Singapore and Mauritius changed last year.”
The slow-motion privacy train wreck that is Facebook has many users, perhaps you, thinking about leaving or at least changing the way you use the social network. Fortunately for everyone but Mark Zuckerberg, it’s not nearly has hard to leave as it once was. The main thing to remember is that social media is for you to use, and not vice versa.
Last month, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, triggering a wave of panic among unprepared tech companies. This month, why not harness the power of that legislation to calm your own worries and get a good night’s sleep?
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. And if you’re looking to break in or advance a career in IT network systems, here’s a straight line scenario for you. Cisco Systems is the overwhelming leader in networking tech, so getting certified in the care and feeding of Cisco software and components will put you in line to take advantage of all the best industry opportunities.