My Grateful Thank to all friends. Another milestone becomes possible

Frankly, in 15 years of blogging and in my third attempt at WordPress from last year I never watched the Views, Likes, Comments numbers.  Last month on 13th May something triggered and I began writing regularly.  What it is doing is astonishing to me and I owe my gratitude to the Viewers, my friendly commentators and Readers, Followers and those I am following for this.  Keeps me Inspired.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 11.04.21 AM

Reached 10000 total views , 3014 likes and 208 comments. Incredible. My Grateful thanks. Thank you for keeping me motivated and inspired by what I read in your blogs and generate new ideas for mine.


    1. Yes. I tried almost all platforms. Typepad and Vox were my favorites for long. WordPress i deleted 12 blogs as I was irregular than took the paid version 2 years ago. Last one month response is astonishing to me. Hence thank you all my new friends. My Gratitude. Regards. Jay

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