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As much as I love running and writing, some days I just don’t got it. I don’t want to wake up at 5AM. I have no desire to run and just the thought of writing haunts me. To publish another 500 to 1,000 words feels impossible. There’s days where I question why I bother to do either. If my mind wants to work against me and question why I do what I do, it’s going to have to be while I’m doing it — because I don’t reason with the lazy, self centered, child in me — I’ve heard all his arguments, they’re all invalid. I just get up and do it.

If you’ve never heard of David Goggins and have the slightest interest in strengthening your mind or body, I highly recommend Googling him. It was from him I stole my headline and idea behind this post. Doing something that sucks everyday, is more than a headline for me though. It’s an idea I try to live my life by. I did not want to run yesterday, it was raining and I had plenty of other life shit I could have and maybe should have been focusing on instead. So I turned to David Goggins Instagram — where his most recent post was a video of him flipping a monster truck tire, for an entire mile. It was during this video, he introduced the idea of doing something that sucks everyday. The idea of running two miles became exponentially easier after the video was over. At least I didn’t have to flip a gigantic tire for a mile. I got dressed and went for a run. When I hit the two mile mark, I was glad I did.

I’ve been asked why I run by people who don’t and haven’t always had a clear answer for them. After all, I weigh 130 pounds so clearly I’m not doing it to lose weight. I still smoke cigarettes, so how dedicated to my health am I really? Much like Forrest Gump, I just started running one day and haven’t stopped since. No real rhyme or reason as to why. Today though, I think I finally have a solid answer as to why I run. I run because, it sucks.

I spent so much of my life being comfortable. I used to joke that even my rock bottom was fully furnished. The sad part is, that joke is based off a reality I don’t often share. When I was down and out and at my lowest, with nowhere to go, the point where most are left to sleep on streets and whatnot — I just went to my Grandmother’s fully furnished vacant house, to where the utilities hadn’t even been turned off yet. As grateful as I am to have had that option, a lot of truth is said in jest.

I share all of this to convey the fact there is absolutely no growth in comfort. We create these cushy little protective bubbles around us and while we may think they’re protecting us from everything outside of them, really all they do is confine and limit our growth to the circumference of the bubble. It makes for a harder life in the long run because our minds and bodies become soft and fragile. We become weary and overcautious. It leads to a very limited life.

So find something that’ll strengthen your mind or body, if not both and do it everyday. Do it on the days you want to and more importantly, on the days you definitely don’t want to. Doing so builds discipline and character. It makes you more willing to face all the other things in life that suck and trust me, there will be plenty, regardless of who you are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have two miles to run.

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