Come September for Old Man!?

One of my ex-junior turned 51!  I sent him a Facebook message ( it is my habit to send it to all my friends on linkedin too, which takes long time as there are over 11000 of them and they have work and other anniversaries too ! and they change positions, get promoted and receive my best wishes every time, without fail)  so my friend who now lives abroad became emotional, nostalgic.  This fellow does never come on a Facebook messenger as he is too busy.

So I was surprised to receive two sudden flash messages from him. There was the First clipping – a Video about Satya Sai Baba Hospital which has gone viral and I thought – “HOW THOUGHTFUL to remember the Old man and think about his health”.  And then I saw the second one – with someone playing Guitar and the famous Tune of COME SEPTEMBER which was my delight in my yesteryears! WOW! I said.  A message followed and it changed every thing!  “Some of my OLD FRIENDS will identify this tune!”

That did not make my day! I said, what does he think I am old, I am only a Babyboomer Generation guy 🙂 . I do have some ‘Senior -Brain fog, groggy moments” but I remember to eat my sugarfree Dark Chocolates and Goji Berries or berries of all kinds to keep me going. But OLD FRIENDS? 🙂 That did not certainly go well with the Tune which is so ALIVE and BEAUTIFUL to listen to.

What do you think.  I said Thank you friend.  It brought back some old memories and the Nostalgia ! Thanks again.



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  1. We are only as old as we think we are.

    I was playing soccer with a young man half my age or less the other day and he quipped, “Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you’re 20 again?” I don’t think he knew my age because I’m often guessed some twenty years younger than I actually am. “Sure,” I replied.

    Often I think it is our picture that we have of ourselves that determines how we appear on the outside. If I’m fifty-one and fit in with the 20 year olds, I don’t mind. …but I keep telling myself that I haven’t aged a whit. My soccer team can keep guessing.

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