What did I do Right today? Which side of the bed did I get out from?  I just shared others content which I appreciated and felt like sharing. I did not add my own article/s today. By the time of my writing with the kindness of all friends, the number has inflated to 176 and I am most grateful for your kindness! It encourages me.  During this month I had 3500 Page views and 2275 Likes. My All in page views was much lesser than this all these years and once I began to follow you all, and wrote comments on your posts, my following also rose and so did your appreciation conveyed in your Likes. i Love this. Never before have I watched this number so closely.


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 9.00.59 PM.png


6 thoughts on “What a fabulous day! Dear Friends, I am Grateful!”

    1. Now that it got both our attention, let’s DOI it। You first। Let me reciprocate and follow suit! 😃😃😃. Thank you friend।

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