The Master’s message

I’m a wayfarer an walk average 15km daily now to reduce weight and reverse heart disease.

“ Places and physical conditions do not matter where longing and determination are deep and strong. It is not a question of patient, endless walking, for example. It matters how and where you walk — in which direction.

You may walk and walk for years, but if it is in the wrong direction it is a waste of energy and time. If you go further away, of course you do come back when the time comes, but it is such a long process.”

Lord Meher Online 1813
Photo Courtesy. Meher Baba Travels



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    1. JayMentor says:

      My Guru from my age 5 😎

      1. Rêveuse says:

        Nice 😊

        1. JayMentor says:

          Thank you. 60 years of Mentoring by the Guru and I am still a learner. Sometimes I share his teachings as a personal reminder to self. Regards.

          1. Rêveuse says:

            Thats great 😊 you get such great Guru and his teachings … blessed you are

  1. Very true.

  2. Atifa. says:

    insightful. (: happy walking.

  3. #Nice BLOG!!!

    1. JayMentor says:

      Thank you. Much appreciated.

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