What Going with the flow means to me…

Going wih the flow doesn’t mean doing what everyone thinks I should do, or accept everything at face value, AS IT Is. (That’s Horizontal Thinking, IMHO which simply means taking things lying down, never raising a voice of dissent !)

It means not Opposing EVERYthing.

It means not some imperfections permitted, including in meticulous, scrupulous planning included.

It means not leaving behind your idiosyncracies, intrigues and enigmatic behavior.

It means focusing on your strengths, rather than trying to be great at everything in the world, all knowing, all potent (Omnipotent, omniscient) All powerful and putting people off with your autocracy, dominance and diffidence and superEgo!

It means trusting people, instead of living constantly in your cocoons of fears, of failure, of mistakes, failure attribution, sliminess and having to say sorry, thank you or using correct manners and etiquettes to suit the occasion.