Excellent short books and download from ChangeThis.

Change speeds. Tom Peters, author of The Excellence Dividend, reading the umpteenth article on how we must now do everything in business at a jillion miles an hour, thought “What a crock,” and decided to pen a response. Read The Speed Trap.
Change sales. James Kouzes, Barry Posner, and Deb Calvert, authors ofStop Selling & Start Leading, discuss how sales can transform “values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity, and risks into rewards.” ReadWhat If Sellers Behaved as Leaders?
Change the future. Alice Mann, author of Future First, helps leaders plan for, and bring about a more positive future, by detailing “eight essential business practices for futureproofing your company.” ReadFutureproof.
Change relationships. Mary Abbajay, author of Managing Up, suggests we stop wishing the workplace was more of a meritocracy, and start developing a positive and productive relationship with our boss to drive our success.” Read Don’t Suck Up, Manage Up.
Change beliefs. Hylke Faber, author of Taming Your Crocodiles, believes knowing who we truly are is the core of effective leadership and a fulfilling life, and helps us define and overcome our deepest fears to get us there. ReadTaming Your Seven Crocodiles.
Change size. Sharon Rowe, author ofThe Magic of Tiny Business, discusses the many advantages of scaling your business to the needs of your life, and to the needs of society. Read Finding the Magic in “Tiny” Business.


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