Random phrases and Acts of kindness todsy

  1. Wouldn’t Harm a Fly
    Meaning: Nonviolent; someone who is mild or gentle.
  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink
    Meaning: Including nearly everything possible.
  • Let Her Rip
    Meaning: Permission to start, or it could mean ‘go faster

    Acts of kindness today

    1. Go the day without complaining
    2. Bake something for your family/friends
    3. Be proactive – sign a petition for a good cause

      Have a great day


Power Mentoring – Speed Mentoring

Power is making things happen without asking for permission.

I am adding two new categories

  1. Power Mentoring.
  2. Speed or Condensing Time Mentoring.  This is inspired by something I started in 1993 and recently read this article 

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 6.42.18 AM.png

Pic courtesy: Google Art Project