The Journey Begins Again

Thanks for joining me!

After my learning to blog at WordPress, Myspace, Vox, Typepad, Blogger and numerous other platforms – i decided to Blog regularly.

There is a Personal Trigger, cue, prompt, hard nudge in my ribs :), a severe message, and a sharp negative feeling which made me do this.

I shall be converting this negative energy into Positive by posting about things that interest Startups, Mentees, C-Level Executives as well as other readers and shall share good things, links I come across apart from some of my own original content to help the readers like it, absorb it, comment on it and return to read again the next day.

May almighty bless me in my positive endeavour on this day the 13th May, 2018. Can’t share personal details but I am sure, those who are aware, are aware of the significance of this date.  B+



Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton