What is Art? What is HEAVY?

द्यदालिखति मनः आशावर्तिकाभीः हृदयफलके ।
तत्तद्बाल इव विधिर्निभृतं हसित्वा प्रोञ्छति ॥

Whatever the mind inscribes (paints), with the brushes of desire, on the board of the heart, fate, stealthily smilingly, wipes it all out, like a little child!

भारोऽविवेकिनः शास्त्रं भारो ज्ञानं च रागिणः ।
अशान्तस्य मनो भारः भारोऽनात्मविदो वपुः ॥
– योगवासिष्ठ, वैराग्य

An idiot would find the scriptures heavy.
A person who enjoys worldly pleasures finds knowledge heavy and unbearable.
A restless man finds his mind heavy.
If one does not know his self, he will find his body heavy.

  • Yogavasishta, Vairagya