Jay’s Master Mentor Class

As a Mentor I start with the belief that :

The Master Appears when the Pupil is ready.

  • When the Mentor is willing to be fully Transparent and willing to Reveal him/herself to the Mentee in full.
  • When the mentor is Selfless,
  • When the Mentor is Detached yet attached,
  • When the Mentor is Involved yet committed.
  • True Mentor is Provocative one,unafraid of Taking it to the extremes to re-channelise the Mentee’s negative energies in the Right Path/ Direction shown
  • True Mentor is Unpredictable and creates a Surprise element in his Tools, Techniques, Methods and at some stage is Ruthless, Brutal to make the Mentee know the Reality.
  • The successful mentor changes his tracks often like a RailRoad and uses different speeds in Mentoring Process to make the mentee sometimes Derail with his/her past baggage.

Magic Happens !

“If you work with a master mentor like Jay , you’ll get there Faster, Better Still Better and be Ready to Beat the Best – including your Enemy Within!”