In my mentoring assignments, I have found following pitfalls

1. Poor Assessment of mentee’s background (knowledge and skills).
2. Identifying mentee’s motivation and clear identification of the needs.
3. Inability to Deal with mentee’s inexperience (knowledge and skills) e.g. Computing skills, Smartphone skills etc.
4. Failure to Address mentee’s misconceptions about science
5. Failure to Set reasonable, time-bound goals for the project
6. The inability of Taking charge of Calendar and Keeping mentee engaged and allowing too much flexibility.
7. The inability of the mentor to Support the mentee financially
8. Inability in winning Mentee’s trust quickly and Building mentee’s confidence
9. Mentor’s inability to Foster mentee’s independence, priorities, health needs, family issues.
10. Failure to Decide on the best solution to a given mentoring challenge
11. Overlap in Setting limits and boundaries for the business mentor/mentee relationship and personal mentoring aspects.
12. Failure to Address lack of planning issues very firmly.
13. Failure Giving negative strokes to the mentee on lack of progress
14. Inability to Allocate time and ensuring that delays are not pardoned and discipline and adherence is appreciated.
1 5. Finding resources- people, furniture, fixtures communication equipment, office equipment, multimedia, and software.
16. Remaining patient even when not desired to lead to Mentee taking the mentor for granted.