Jay Parkhe mentor discourse: 29/03/2018

Jay Parkhe mentor discourse: 29/03/2018


Jay Parkhe mentor discourse: 29/03/2018

“The Best condition for sure and steady progress on the path to success is the benefit of guidance from the Mentor who gives guidance and helps which is necessary according to the immediate needs of the mentee.

All mentor expects is that the mentee will try his best for personal development and advancement. He does not expect the immediate transformation of mentee except where the ground has been previously made ready.

Time is an important factor in physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive advancement, as it is in all material endeavors. When the Mentor has given a necessary push to the mentee, he waits till the help thus given is fully assimilated by him/her.

An overdose of insights and information always has an unhealthy reaction. The Mentor therefore carefully selects the moment when his surprise intervention is assured of maximum results and having thus intervened, he waits with infinite patience till the mentee really needs further help.”




Be Happy


Meher Baba says:

“Everyone is unconsciously tired of this life, because everyone seeks happiness, but know not how to get it. But life is so beautiful. It is meant to be happy. I will help you. Then things will appear changed.

“You will see it. It is always the outlook that counts and not the object. Today you feel tired, upset, seeing nothing beautiful in the things around, in life.

“If tomorrow you do not feel bored but cheerful, the same things that appeared black yesterday will seem changed. It is all due to changed mentality and outlook. The easy way is not to make much of things. Take them lightly.

“Say to yourself ‘I am meant to be happy, to make others happy’ and gradually you do become happy yourself and make others so too. Don’t suggest to your mind ‘I am tired, haggard, depressed.’ That will make you feel worse. Always say ‘All is well and beautiful. I will be happy.’ I will help you spiritually.”

Source: Not We But One: Meher Baba on Life, Living and Love
By Bill Le Page