I am a visual person. Maybe, which is why I took to Drawing and Paintings as my hobby.

I asked someone recently what is your definition of Success and as many people, I asked each had a different answer.  The ways to attain Success were just as many and unique.

I have come to believe that we can Visualize success
When we envision a goal, it is said that half our task, half our journey is completed as Goals get set once we have a clarity, courage and a hard reality check done. The difficulty many of us face is in believing that we can  expend large amounts of time, money, effort, personal energies as we can not ‘see’  them existing in their Reality.

If we create that vision before starting on our chosen path with a destination in mind things are likely to improve.  This is preferable rather than letting our thoughts and creativity wander in the Forests of our thouths influenced by the creatures of the Jungles who mostly negatively influence and cloud our thinking only creates what is “somewhat acceptable”.  The well hought through, realistically detaile d visulaisation helps make our chances of succeeding better.  I once went thru the course on Balanced Scorecard and the strategy Maps and the facilitator of the course was perfect with the Visualisations and hence very effective. .I read this picture quote on Google search and I quote “Visualize your goal as if it has already been reached. Make it Real in your mind  and you will soon make it real”.

Visualizing our “WellDone Jay” (our gift to self for reaching our goal) works wonders and includes the added Satisfier – bonus, pat on the back, Medal, Certificate, Money and creates a higher level of Motivation. When it works and it worked for me the treat I get for myself is far more energising and creates a Vigour unforeseen and Goals look Small.