Over 500,000 people have paid to reserve Tesla’s new electric car. Amazon’s Prime Air drone deliveries are tracked obsessively, and only 3,000 self-driving Ubers could serve 98% of New York City’s ride-hailing needs.

The most admired companies in the world are building a better tomorrow with energy efficient products. However, not every cleantech company gets the press they deserve. Unsexy companies will be the startups that disrupt trillion dollar industries.

Evelyn Fisher from Sighten (who is hiring) compiled the best startups building clean energy technologies, either through innovation for electric vehicles, transportation, solar power, energy storage, or energy management.

Here are the 20 companies that deserve credit for building the future. Remember: keep your Talent profile updated in case the right opportunity comes knocking your way.

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Cleantech Startups that are Changing The World 🚗🔋

Proterra is building the world’s most efficient electric bus 🚌

OhmConnect is replacing power plants with software at scale ⚡

FreeWire will make sure you’ll never run out of power, ever again 🔋

Sighten is the energy operating system for the solar industry ☀

EVmatch is the Airbnb of electric vehicle charging 🔌

Particle will connect every device to the Internet 🌐

Wunder makes investing in the future of solar dead easy 💸

kWh Analytics lets companies manage solar energy risks with data 📊

Advanced Microgrid Solutions is building a more efficient energy grid 🗼

The Cleantech 20