My computer generates HAIKU and I Edit :)

I was thinking of 6 years of Retirement.  The little paid work and most of the ProBono work I did.

I was thinking of Forests – Green, Lush, full of life not Green Pastures – cut over the generations for the mankind and animals to graze.

I was thinking of the Life ahead.  The journeys I wish to undertake – not mountains, No more counting numbers including the heights.

I was thinking of beaches and sand I have walked and the boat rides to exotic seashores I have undertaken.

I am now thinking of going to some New places with Green Forests, may be slightly inhabited but mostly with wildlife, with Pure Oxygen to fill my old lungs and watch every breath I take.

I found this Haiku Generator on the internet.  I loved its auto generated Haiku and Tankas.  I can add my thoughts by replacing some words – so wonderful NO?  See below.
Young petals retire.
Sad papers hunt burned petals.
The papers return.
Frosty shadows work.
Ice recognises the girls.
Shortly, smooth love wakes.
Lakes wake yet mouths fall.
Jungles fluster fortresses.
Winds move full, gold earth.
Flustered life turns pears.
Wisdom plays and Age finds rain.