Study says fat shaming by doctors may harm physical, mental health

Experts say fat shaming by doctors is stressful for patients and actually cause them to delay health care seeking. Negative attitudes among medical providers can also cause psychological stress in patients (Photo: Pixabay)Washington: Discrimination at the doctor’s office based on the size and negative stereotypes of overweight people can take a toll on a patient’s physical health and mental well-being, a study has found.”Disrespectful treatment and medical fat shaming, in an attempt to motivate people to change their behaviour, is stressful and can cause patients to delay health care seeking or avoid interacting with providers,” said Joan Chrisler, a professor of psychology at Connecticut College in the US Sizeism can also have an effect on how doctors medically treat patients, as overweight people are often excluded from medical research based on assumptions about their health status, meaning the standard dosage for drugs may not be appropriate for larger body sizes, Chrisler said.

Source: Study says fat shaming by doctors may harm physical, mental health