The impact of the PRESIDENT and VP being from BJP/RSS will be felt till 2022 by which time the BJP/ NDA will be the Majority party in the Upper House too while enjoying Full or 2/3rd majority after 2019 polls in Lok Sabha too.  Even if something happens in between to the LS – this majority in RS will not let any opposition, mahagathbandhan led government to effectively work.

It is high time though, that the BJP/ NDA government empowered the semi/ demi/ Quasi judicial power wielding ?  so called toothless Regulators in different sectors by giving them full judicial powers to complete the Reform process here.

The concern in Congress ranks is that with the VP, who is also the chairman of RS, belonging to BJP, the opposition party may not get an “indulgent” treatment from the chair. The new reality may force the opposition camp to revise the strategies they have used for three years to corner the government.INDIAAmit Shah’s game of political chess reaches its endgame world trump ‘appreciates’ China, Russia backing on N Korea


Amit Shah’s game of political chess reaches its endgame  has been a cat and mouse game between the government and the opposition in the Upper House. With the Congress-led bloc blocking legislations at will in the RS with their numerical superiority , the government’s manoeuvre to designate its crucial agenda as “money bill” triggered a bitter feud. The opposition called it BJP’s ploy to avoid voting on those bills in the RS.

Source: Congress: Congress’s final exit from power matrix | India News – Times of India