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Founder Updates
In this edition of Founder Hacks, we talk with Kevin Systrom of Instagram about what it’s like to work with Zuckerberg, and include guides to SEO and building a remote team. Looking for live chat support? Click here for more information on how we can help!
Interview with Kevin Systrom of Instagram
Co-Founder and CEO of Instagram shares stories from the road, lessons learned along the way, and what it’s really like working with Mark Zuckerberg.
More Great Founder Knowledge
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Davinci: Live Web Chat

Davinci’s live web chat team works for you: answering questions, providing support, even transacting sales via your online storefront. Plus, users get a discount!

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SEO for Beginners
New to SEO? Our SEO for beginners guide offers a step-by-step overview to understanding how it works, how to grow traffic, rank well on Google, and get more online revenue.
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Build a Remote Team that Works
You don’t need to have everyone in the office together all the time. A small dose of face time goes a long way.