New Study Reveals the World’s Fastest Growing Religion, and It’s Not Christianity or IslamNational Geographic recently carried out a global survey and it has revealed something most people would have never thought. The fastest growing religion is having no religion at all!Their results showed that atheism was the fastest growing religion. The study refers to atheists as people who do not follow or identify with any religion and according to National Geographic atheism is not the second largest religious affiliation in North America and most of Europe. Around 22.8 percent of the population here in the US likely identifies as an atheist.Atheists here in the US now represent a larger portion than Protestants, Buddhists, and several other faiths. In this study, they also found that France, the Netherlands, and New Zealand were big on secularism which is the belief that people should be free from religious teachings. It is thought these countries would have a higher population of atheists than any religious affiliation. It seems that the UK and Australia are on losing their Christian majorities and the only place with religion actually growing rapidly is Sub-Sahara Africa.According to this study when it comes to individual religious beliefs Islam may even surpass Christianity by the year 2050 as the world’s most popular religion. The millennial generation seems to be leading the demand towards atheism. There seems to also be a direct link between religion and poverty levels. The poorer a country is the higher a number of religious people will be funds there. That being said they also found that the higher level of education a person had the less likely they were to hold devout religious beliefs.For more on this please check out the video below. It covers another study on this subject and goes over some good points. What do you think about all of this?

Source: New Study Reveals the World’s Fastest Growing Religion, and It’s Not Christianity or Islam – Awareness Act