How Can You Tell Someone Has True Leadership Skills? Look for This 1 Rare Sign |

Ever been in an important meeting where a topic on the agenda causes tension that you can cut with a knife? Instead of colleagues speaking up to solve an issue, you get poker faces and eyes looking down to avert what nobody wants to deal with.The same is true when it comes to having those tough conversations to call someone to the carpet. We procrastinate or avoid the confrontation, because it’s never pleasant, for example, to tell someone she’s not cutting it.So when people ask me, “What’s the secret to great communication?” my usual response baffles some, because it can seem so counterintuitive: “Be radically transparent.”Radical transparency does not mean telling someone to his face in front of his peers that his polka-dotted tie is ugly. It’s having the emotional courage to stand up to someone or something when you feel violated, to speak from a deep place tugging at your heart, or to cut through healthy conflict now to avoid unhealthy conflict later.

Source: How Can You Tell Someone Has True Leadership Skills? Look for This 1 Rare Sign |

I liked the article. I worked with Dutch bosses in my last corporate assignment. People would criticise them for being ‘Brutally Honest’ or un-diplomatic, calling a spade a spade etc.  But, I think the writer here said the right word – TRANSPARENCY.  While attributes like Radical etc. can be added to any good of bad quality in people or to any value – I found that Transparency of my bosses was awesome and that led to mutual trust and understanding in spite of language and distance barriers.