I have travelled quite a bit and have been a foodie till Diabetes brought things in order.  I have liked this website and have contributed my experience with my views and ratings.  I realised that in India I have become among 1% Top of their website.  Feels great, NO?  Try it. 🙂

Learning to network, using Social media have been my pastime activities post my working hours and I invested heavily into them by joining Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and many other popular websites.  Over a decade of experience gives you unimaginable following of people who are learning and it helps to mentor some of them who seek me out.

I also realised that I developed my own INIMITABLE style full of humor bordering on satire, writing some prose, some verse in a baroque style.  I also learned structured writing from my usual free flow free form writing over the years.

The graphic below is from a newsletter by tripadvisor which is a popular travel rating website and I am subscribed to them.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 5.58.01 AM.png