U.S. Pulls Out of the Paris Climate Accord

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Earlier today, President Trump formally announced the United States’ withdrawal from the the Paris climate accord.While Paris will be with us for the near future as the process of withdrawing transpires, this is a step in the right direction.

The Paris Agreement is based upon a fundamental misconception of climate history and science. It will have almost no effect on global warming, and by depleting global income it will make it harder for countries to adapt and innovate in response to whatever changes occur.

Because of our private investments in technological innovation, America leads the world in reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. We did that without Paris, and we will continue our exemplary leadership without it

Source: Cato Weekly Dispatch – Paris Accord, Paid Family Leave, Infrastructure Spending, and More..

And to think, they called names to India and put every possible pressure to accept the COP21 !

Thoreau said it right “Things don’t change, We Change”.  Time Americans changed and first changed their President.