If China thinks – with unprovoked Cease Fire by its ally and Terrorist State Pakistan who also helps it s land Grab intentions in Pak Occupied Kashmir and Gilgit, Baltistan which are India’s Sovereign – then it is sadly mistaken. Its intentions are worse than the British Colonialism and it will meet its fate  In the similar manner.

All countries should respect each other’s “sovereignty and territorial integrity”, Chinese President Xi Jinping said today while opening the One Belt, One Road or OBOR project which India has boycotted. A key part of the planned project runs through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. India has raised strong objections, saying it violates India’s territorial integrity, since PoK is part of India. While boycotting the OBOR, India said, “No country can accept a project that ignores its core concerns on sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Source: As India Boycotts China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ Summit, A Message Seen In President Xi Jinping’s Remarks: 10 Points