Humanity harvested the largest ever cereal crop in its history in 2016-17 — a staggering 2.6 billion metric tonnes, according to the latest estimates of the UN-affiliated Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Source: Record global harvest of cereals, India too heads for a new high | India News – Times of India

On one hand, India invests in Pulses production in Mozambique, On the other side, the prices of Onions, Tomatoes in certain parts of India fall to an abysmal low due to over production, these situations should make the Planners in Agricultural Ministry to think whether a Government intervention in educating farmers for a well aligned cropping pattern is essential?  In the years of Green Revolution and Pepsi and Coke – the cropping patterns disruptively changed, Soyabean replaced Pulses production in the name of Cash Cropping leading to severe shortages of Pulses in the country.

The transportation, storage system and the food preservation industry apart from lack of sufficient Cold chain logistics are all responsible for these and there is no unified approach by State or Central governments to overcome this situation.

While the vested interests argue for Bad Banks and Wholesale and long term loans for NPA producing India Inc – no one thinks of Perpetual loan faciltiy for small and marginal farmers or the MSMEs of the country.  Government after Government play a blind, deaf ear  to their woes.  Which makes one feel whether what has been achieved – is replicable and sustainable?