Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Dear Shri Narendra Modi ji,

I am sad to say that you have continued the Congress tradition of appointing Toothless and useless Regulators.  Congress favoured the retired babus, judges and others and appointed them as Regulators to provide them Old Age Homes as Reform was Equal to Regulator appointment to them.  Appointing people with Quasi, Semi, Demi judicial powers only helped them what they did best – “Nothing” or pass the buck up, down, sideways like tennis players.

My complaint is about TRAI which whom I registered my phone under DND 5 years ago and regularly complained about pesky, uncouth telemarketers’ calls and SMS to no avail.  In the new government, this activity has heightened as TRAI just stopped paying any attention to customers who are gullible and helpless – especially Senior Citizens like me ( for whom you any way don’t care).

I have recently complained to Airtel email 121,  ap at TRAI dot com and cp at TRAI dot com and at times to Shri Ravishankar Prasad ji when he was the minister but no amount of escalation helps as BJP only follows Congress policies like a bad plagiarist.

My latest complaint is given below:


I regret inspire of several complaints the menace of spammer telemarketer  continues unabated and your replies are not only stereotyped but smell of a nexus n collusion with these uncouth people who continue to trouble senior citizens.

One such case is
‘IM- HICARE a regular who sent SMS today after a call from purported AIRTEL NODAL Regulatory caller called me from
+91 81307 93617 .  The SMS from this telemarketer came on 01/04/2017 at 10.07 am and reads ‘ KILL THE COCKRAOCH BEFORE IT HATCHES! Renew your HICARE pest control contract. Call 02239889988 today to get FLAT 20% OFF additional 10% on ONLINE payment. T&C.’

I am publicising on social media today about this , Airtel inaction and a deaf, mute, blind regulator TRAI.

I know you will as usual send me stereotypes messages and mails but never take action.


Dhananjay Parkhe
Sent from my iPhone” End Quote

I could no find your email id PRIME MINISTER ji at least your predecessor had a grievance box on his website – which you don’t ( it is a different matter – Pankaj Pachauri blocked me for raising complaint with Shri ManMohan Singh ji on Twitter).  But that is something we as Indians have learnt to tolerate – after all Tolerance = Tolerating Nonsense.

I am putting this final appeal to look into my complaint and help me get relief from these spammers and uncouth telemarketers and the nexus and collusion they have with the Telecom providers.

Look forward to your response.  ( As I do not know your email id – I am using Social Media to reach you)..