#1. 3-viewpoints

There’s always a viewpoint to anything and everything that you can see, 
hear or speak; viewpoint as a first person, the opponent’s perspective and the outside world. 
Always before making any decision, a person must think of these viewpoints, to ensure his 

#2. Never be easy in a competition

A person, who comes across as an easy personality to please, or come to help, 
can never make a success his own possession. Remember, in the battlefield of competition, 
such people are easily overridden and ousted by their opponents.

#3. Money is pivotal

Money is the only driving force of this world, the sooner you accept and understand this fact the better. 
Chanakya says it is important to create an illusion of wealth around you if you wish to seek immediate 
success; even if you do not possess it at the moment. 
The world blindly respects and trusts wealthy people

#4. Safe distance

Chanakya says that in order to seek immediate success, one must maintain a balanced distance 
with the source of his success; he/she must never be either too far from it nor too close. 
Like in the case of fire- being too far from it would never let you be able to cook food, 
but you must also not be too close, as it possesses a threat to your life.