Cauvery Issue – In perspectie

Cost of the Cauvery Issue Strike in Karnataka for one day was estimated by a newspaper as Rs. 22000 Crores.  A Simple calculation tells me that it would mean Rs. 803000 Crores in a year to Karnataka famous for 354X24X7 businesses.
That lead me to another question.  What is the cost of setting up a Water Desalination plant as suggested by a senior political leader.
I found some interesting answers at   The cost of the Desalination and pipeline laying cost to both the states Karnataka and Tamilnadu may be well within their range of budget.
The Second Question is : Did Karnataka make an effective case in Supreme Court keeping in mind the demographical data and Smart city plans (?) etc.
Current population of Bangalore is stated to be 11,556,907,
As per my information nearly 50% of the population is dependent on Tanker Water as the Government has not made sufficient plans to provide Tap water for the residents.  Considering average per person requirement of Drinking and utilities water at 300 litres a day and the industrial and Commercial/ office usage adding to another atleast 100 litres per employed person It is very very huge.
Karnataka State neither supported the case by saying :
a.        It plans to provide water to all residents thru tap water and the city depends on Kaveri river water.
b.       It never mentioned the futuristic water requirement in the years to come due to the Smart City project etc.
The 3rd and last question I have for the planners of the NITI Ayog and Jal Ayog and its fatcats ( I consider them as living in retirement old age homes with no work, toothless tigers that the successive governments like to showcase) in their wisdom did not look at
a.  The Technical aspect i.e. Water Management thru experts.
b.Changing Crop patterns with the help of Agri Scientists.
c.  Help of Weather scientists to ascertain whether and when to seed the clouds to have rainfall in the catchment area.
d.The uselessness of the Weather data and the Satellites shows up and hurts the population more and more in the years of draught or lower rainfall when the predictions made thru these Crores of Rupees worth of Satellites (ostensibly to show off that we compete with the USA) are futile and worthless in times of natural calamities, disaster management and as simple as predicting good or bad rain.
India has suffered for several years and so has its populace in the neighboring states with water and other disputes and people have lost lives. Property and businesses have been lost.
I wonder whether the Government with a difference will be any different?