Early Morning Positive Cues and Prompts

On my morning walks FM Radio or the Apple Music or my recorded songs or devotional Apps are my constant companion for 2-3 hours daily. Ever since I began Preview of Reliance Jio phones and got fed up with the bad handset they sold me I decided to use it only for listening to FM Radio.

How Radio, TV, Social media influences our lives we all know but this morning was different. I had my full sleeves sweat shirt on as there was nip in the air, the temperature was 19 Degrees pleasant and the first statement I heard from the RJ lady was ‘ There is gloom today, it is gloomy’ and I kept hearing this for 3to4 times on the show and it reminded me of an exercise we had done in TNT days.

The HR head of the USA TNT had done a great program built purely on ‘Prompts’ and trust me they were very promising and positive prompts which when shared with the Team members – brought in very positive results.  The program was somehow not allowed to run for a long time (may be due to ideological strife a.k.a. Politics within) but it left on me a deep impression as I was taking a challenging role of a CSR Head for the country. Now CSR I was told in the interview that it is a thankless role but I countered saying that it is Influential role and for a touchy feely person like me it takes my influence with the CSR message of the company to each and every person int he company be it Quality, Health and Safety, Integrity, Security etc. etc. etc. ( because I had 8 different portfolios added shortly thereafter).

I trust and believe that positive prompts such a Good morning or what a lovely morning or a good comment about the weather can make a person’s day and vice versa if the comment is negative such as gloomy weather, harsh weather etc. etc. depending upon the speakers’ mood (influencer’s mood) as in this example the RJ who may be heard across Bengaluru city right early in the morning by many morning walkers and motorists who wish to have a digression from the rush hour traffic, road rage, accidents and what have you.

A Cue or a good prompt can help in uplifting the mood, bring in positivity is my belief and I feel every one of us who wields some degree of influence over others and is looked up to or listened to – must become positive and send cues and prompts which are positive.