HR as Horticulturist n Gardener – Morning Walker

Bengaluru had two good showers last week and its great friend SC asked it to give water to neighbour Tamilnadu. While I have nothing against TN or KN personally and I feel water should be available to every living being on this earth FREE I am reminded of a book I read few years ago called “Blue Ocean Strategy” . I felt some of this could be used by the Two States with mutual agreement.
We have all heard about the Artificial rains and seeding of the clouds – it is popular in many parts of the world and is expensive but I am told it rains and it rains in the desired areas by seeding of the clouds.  If the Reservoirs in KN have to begin reaching a water table height which makes the state feel comfortable to release water to TN – I am sure, TN with its population and the India’s Detroit which is not in agreement with the GST has enough CASH to share for this Seeding program. Whether they call it AMMA Cloud seeding program or not is their choice ( I write humor/ satire mostly as my readers know – so no offence meant to the populist AMMA schemes prevalent in TN otherwise). Share the costs, make plans to seed the clouds in the targetted areas, have rain water – feed the millions of humans and animals and the water guzzler industries of both the states and you will love the Blue Ocean Strategy.
That brings me to today’s observations.  I have often said ” Just by watching, I can observe a lot” and I am sure, there are many who do in C-Suite – generally many who have lot of time at hand other than acting busy – they observe a lot.   So I observed that just after two showers the Gardener in the Morning Walk garden has pruned the Hedge which makes the boundary of the walking pathway which is narrow at 6 feet and with the evergrowing popularity of Morning walkers – gets narrower.  Apart from this the high growth of the Hedge – like the Reserves of the IT Companies who have become Intellectually bankrupt and keep Hedging and enhancing the War Chests for a war they’d never like to fight rather than funding the new start ups and entrepreneurs or helping the 28000+ MSME’s I am told which are struggling in auto anciallary industry due to TN govt policies in Karnataka State .   But I seem to have digressed today quite a bit. My Diabetic shoes had sweat and I had walked more kilometers in a well pruned, well trained garden path this morning – that is perhaps the reason.
So A Gardener is : as a noun
1.a person who is employed to cultivate or care fora gardenlawn, etc.
2.any person who gardens or is skillful in gardening.
Here are some examples -= many of which I did not like from the web –
Examples from the Web for gardener
Contemporary Examples
  • He had spent several years as a gravedigger andgardener at a cemetery in Germany before returningto Puglia.
  • As Ward points out, there is some reason to thinkLewis would actually have been thrilled—the word ofhisgardener Paxford.
  • But if I happen to fall in love with thegardenerandwe get married, and then don’t pay him any more, it’sgone.
  • When agardener spoke to the star once, the affidavitsaid, it caused “a major flap.”
  • All were killed in the ensuing gun battle, along with agardener and eight security staffers.
Historical Examples
  • Thegardener thought it was the children, and gave one of them an angry cuff as he walked away.
  • It is but agardener ‘s wrangle—how best to guardroses from slugs.
  • You will ask if they want agardenerand they will tellyou ‘Yes.’
  • If every farmer andgardener knew this single fact itwould be worth their while.
  • At the foot of the pines along the edge of each bankgrew rows of berry bushes as regularly as if set out byagardener.

So gardener is also 

1.a person who works in or takes care of a garden as an occupation or pastime
2.any bower bird of the genus Amblyornis
In the C-SUITE I relate the HR or Chief People Officer as the Gardener / Horticulturist and many may not like the comparison but I have a right to my view and F.O.E. which translates to Freedom of Expression and mostly creates FOES for me. But so as it may, 
A HORTICULTURIST is one: who is an expert in the science of cultivating plants (fruit or flowers or vegetables or ornamental plants) and which is why I compare HR with Horticulturists and gardeners – They do not tend to Cereal Crops i.e. Bread and Butter – it is the job of Marketing to bring that .  HR tends to The Talent i.e. Vegetables and Ornamental species of the company who at times are very overpriced.
HR and Gardeners both Train and in current day management mostly Prune the stock by Right sizing, Down sizing, Optimising – using the trade’s new jargons but actually doing the same work – making the path easier to walk for the morning walkers ! 🙂 . Now coming from the Agricultural fraternity I know that even such crops need Growth Promoters, Micro-nutrients, Sprays as also the Insecticides, Pesticides, weedicides and in the contemporary world mostly GROWTH INHIBITORS which only the gardeners specialise in as some of them are known to have carcinogenic effects and can kill plants, humans and in the parallel world – Employees, departments, Factories and even Corporations !   This is the power which the Gardener/ Horticulturist – HR C Suite members wield but in all their conferences I listen to the oft-repeated phrase ” HR SHOULD BE A STRATEGIC PARTNER/ EQUAL PARTNER IN BUSINESS”.  I always wonder what it really means ?
Years ago, I read about the concept called EKS – Energo- Kybernetic System  by clicking the link you will know what I am talking about. I am applying Agriculture Science definitions in Management much like the Random Input Attributes methods of Dr. Edward De Bono did in his famous Lateral Thinking Methods.  Mine is just an application. It may sound humorous – as it should – it does have meaning and can help managements and governments to find answers and solutions. 

Amen !