Facebook Memories are great and what wonderful reminders they send.  I posted this after receiving a WhatsApp message last year and was laughing when I read it.
Most of the things seem to be still WORK IN PROGRESS and not a word by either the Times Now Interviewer or the Sitting PM being interviewed for the first time by a Private Channel — 🙂 🙂
Read and have fun :
Whatsapp goes into ‪#‎antiNaMo‬ mode this morning: from an angry bird got this today
After the BJP won the elections with full majority on 16 May 2014, one Modi fan fainted with happiness and then went into coma…
After 12 month he suddenly came out from the coma…
Returning to his senses he asked the following questions to the attending doctor…
How do you feel in corruption free India?
Robert Vadra is in which jail?
Rahul and Sonia are in jail or escaped to Italy?
Should I book ticket for bullet train to Lucknow or should I go by plane?
How much black money did we get back from the Swiss banks?
After every Indian received 15 Lacs each from Modiji… there must be ‘NO POVERTY’.
Has the rate of us dollar dropped to 35 rupees?
How happy are Indians after Modiji subsidized and freed cooking gas, vegetables, tomatoes, onions, potatoes ?
After Pakistan getting frightened and returning Dawood, what happened to him?
Are the farmers happy at being returned the land forcibly acquired by congress?

Listening to these questions the poor doctor has gone into coma… and the Modi Fan is lodged in the Mental Asylum at Agra!
Bhaio Aur bheno na rishwat loonga na lene doonga. Made in India