Ethics in Mentoring – About Propriety

When behaving appropriately, Mentors:
  1.  Treat all mentees with respect and equality regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disability or sexual orientation
  2. •Adapt their mentoring to suit their mentee’s learning style. See the Learning Styles section
  3.  Are on time to all sessions
  4. Are honest about who they are and what they can offer
  5. Provide appropriate, timely, and constructive feedback
  6. Empower their mentee to look within to solve problems
  7. Listen actively
  8. Encourage their mentee to make decisions for themselves
What is impropriety or Inappropriate behaviour?

When behaving inappropriately, mentors:
  1. Tell their mentee what they “should” do (this dis-empowers the mentee)
  2. Criticize, attack or put down the mentee
  3. Provide advice based on assumptions
  4. Pity their mentee
  5. Preach or lecture their mentee
  6. Use derogatory language 
  7. Engage in unwanted physical contact. Before touching your mentee e.g. a hug you must ask their permission first however it is advised not to make physical contact with your mentee if they are a minor. 
  8. Sexually harass their mentee
  9. Personally attack or insult their mentee
  10. Request the mentee to lie, run errands, or keep secrets