How Mentoring Benefits the Mentor too ! Article 3

While mentoring programs are designed to benefit the mentee, there are benefits for the mentors as well.  

It is my experience that as the mentee’s confidence, personal awareness, clarity of mind and accomplishments increase so will the mentor’s.  

Through the process of mentoring, mentors will specifically:

  1. •  Strengthen their communication skills – people who mentor learn how to build effective rapport, listen deeply, ask powerful questions and adapt their communication. Personally, I realised the power of Appreciative Enquiry.
  2. •  Improve life satisfaction – research shows that mentoring improves life satisfaction for both mentor and the mentee. Personally, it moved me away from my normal ‘Challenger’ mode to an Intent listener mode.
  3. •  Expose one’s self to diverse thoughts, personalities and cultures – mentors learn about different ways of thinking and expand their knowledge of other people. Personally, it helped me open my mind and understand different perspectives. Opening of mind is positive I realised – a closed mind hampers movement. 
  4. •  Explore opportunities for recruitment – mentoring offers the opportunity to meet a variety of people who could possibly be suitable candidates for the mentor’s organization. In my personal experience I was able to provide employment counselling for those who were looking for it from their Strengths highlighting perspective.
  5. •  Increase your leadership and management skills – mentoring not only builds confidence, it helps mentors fine-tune their leadership and management skills too. In personal life, the Peer Mentoring experiences were the most challenging at workplace and within the Industry.
  6. •  Grow personally and professionally – through the process of learning how to be the best mentor they can be, a mentor will inevitably grow both personally and professionally. 
  7. •  Be seen as someone who cares and is of service to others – whether mentoring in a company or as part of a youth organisation, mentors are seen as positive, selfless role models. It helped me understand what is being humble, what is humility and above all we are not the omnipotent, omniscient – the world had several experts and specialists in thousands of niche’s about which I know nothing about and I must come to respect the knowledge people possess.