Shameful Bengaluru incident involving a Tanzanian woman

The Newspapers and channels are rife about the deplorable incident and the Politicians are out to make capital out of it. The Twitteratti are using Hashtags and sharing their empathy, sympathy to the Tanzanian woman and the African student community in general.
Here is my take:
While the incident is deplorable and condemnable, it is showing few – no not chinks but holes in the Central and State Government’s approach to the issue.
1. It is an International incident and MEA Minister was quick to speak about it. However, the HRD Minister of India and the Home Minister were not quick enough.
2. Students from Africa are a huge community in Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi.  They are a great source of Foreign Exchange for 3rd and 4th grade education institutes who are making a killing by charging them 5 times higher fees while not even providing hostel accomodation.  I wonder what the HRD Ministry thinks about it. To my mind, it would have been a Unified and symbolic gesture of Indian Cabinet to send MEA, HRD and Home Ministers together to Bengaluru to meet the Tanzanian student and the student fraternity and calm them.  Globally, while Modiji spreads one message about Investments – these incidents bring the country to shame and a Unified approach by Cabinet rather than isolated statements and action are what are desirable.
3. While the Police and investigating agencies will book the culprits including the one involved in the sad death of an Indian woman in the hit and run case which is purportedly done as per newspaper reports by a Sudanese Student – I just wish that India thinks here with a ‘Quid pro quo’ approach as Thousands of Indian students live abroad for studies and may meet the same fate.  Australian incidents on Indian students are still fresh in our memory.
4. I sincerely wish that there is a MOS which works jointly with the MEA, HRD and Home Ministry as a Nodal Ministry for Foreign students in India and works together with the States where African and other countries’ students come for studies.  That would send a better message than verbose political statements or silence of the opposition leaders ( because it is a Congress ruled state). 
I just wish wiser counsel and peace prevails and the treatment to foreign students improves.