In C-Suite – Do you have a CAMEL whose Nose is Officially Inside the Tent?- A Satire !

y Parkhe Oct 2015In C-Suite - Do you have a CAMEL whose Nose is Officially Inside the Tent?- A Satire !

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In C-Suite – Do you have a CAMEL whose Nose is Officially Inside the Tent?- A Satire !

I like to remember and re-read some of my childhood stories, the moral stories – Aesop’s Fables, PanchaTantra, Akbar-Birbal stories, TenaliRama Stories and many more.

They are so relevant in contemporary business times !  I quote here a story I read few decades ago – its about a Camel and the reference is made to his owner – an Arab.
It is Titled -CAMEL’s Nose is Officially Inside the Tent.

The Moral of this Story is : “The Camel’s Nose is a metaphor for a situation where permitting some small undesirable situation will allow gradual and unavoidable worsening.”

The story as I recall was “One cold night, as an Arab sat in his tent, a camel gently thrust his nose under the flap and looked in. “Master,” he said, “let me put my nose in your tent. It’s cold and stormy out here.” “By all means,” said the Arab, “and welcome” as he turned over and went to sleep.
 A little later the Arab awoke to find that the camel had not only put his nose in the tent but his head and neck also.  The camel, who had been turning his head from side to side, said, “I will take but little more room if I place my forelegs within the tent. It is difficult standing out here.” “Yes, you may put your forelegs within,” said the Arab, moving a little to make room, for the tent was small. Finally, the camel said, “May I not stand wholly inside? I keep the tent open by standing as I do.”  
“Yes, yes,” said the Arab. “Come wholly inside. Perhaps it will be better for both of us.”  So the camel crowded in. The Arab with difficulty in the crowded quarters again went to sleep.
When he woke up the next time, he was outside in the cold and the camel had the tent to himself.”
Whether you are already in the C-Suite or knocking hard to get that Corner Room for yourself – 
1. Think first. Think of yourself as a Camel who would (as the saying goes in marketing) Enter and slowly ” Penetrate the Account Deeper”.  Your thoughts should be to be able to gain Control and be the Biggest ‘C’ in the C-Suite. “No Mercy” is your CatchWord ! 
2. If you are lucky, you may be accomodated inside the Tent ( Corner Offices/ Highest floor)  by  ‘Arabs’ ( fellow members of the C-Suite). And if you do not have Growth and Expansion and Acquisition as your Aims – Stay Off !  C- Suites are not for you !.
3. And if you are the Arab (The Chief in the C-Suite) – learn a lesson – don’t allow: 
a. Anyone claiming to be an Executive Coach / HR Expert/ Pseudo-Mentor.  They would sooner or later would like to come in as NED/ Independent Director and would like to have a say in Audit committee/ Remunerations Committee or may even want to be Chairperson and may put you out of the  Tent !. 
b. Anyone with a prior experience in ‘ Succession Planning’, ‘Restructuring’, ‘Resizing’ or as the jargon is called “Transformation” or ” Organisation Development”.  Keep them off by a Fathom Pole ( 20 foot length atleast). They are another breed of Camels who first find a place for night shelter and soon take over the C-Suite and fill them up with their Failed Proteges much to your own chagrin ! And your Cost ! 
c. Anyone who pushes you to take an Apprentice in C-Suite – whether your close buddy, CHRO or a worthy minority stakeholder.  Beware – They have found a Camel to systematically oust you. You have to immediately strategise and use tactics to GRO ( Get Rid Off) such pseudo well wishers and hypocrite friends ! 
They say that there’s always Room at the Top ! See the Mountains I drew here ( I am a hobby artist) and you will find – No ! There’s No Room at the Top. There is also No Room for any Camel to come into this Private place – C Suite (Tent, Corner Room or the exclusive floor). 
Hope this story makes sense to you. Do share your comments/ feedback.
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