Diet in C-Suite – Keep fit short series II

Diet in C-Suite - Keep fit short series II

Dhananjay Parkhe

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Diet in C-Suite – Keep fit short series II

Diet in C-Suite –

The Stress on the professionals who make it to the C Suite is very high.  Many of us tend to avoid Medical check ups, dread when the Company sends us to mandatory Annual health checks and the TMT and other tests.
I have noticed that most of us if we are benefitted by the prescriptions and recipes of the Doctors – we don’t tend to share the Doctor’s name as Referral but tend to offer the medicine itself if we find similar symptoms in others. It is said, that Humans can not find new weaknesses in others – they can only see the reflection/ magnification of their own into others ( Author : Me – make this go viral please 🙂  ). 
So what I decided to offer is some common cures to the Stress and other weaknesses I found and the simple, non-toxic, herbal medicines I used over the years to keep fit.  Now if you call a 120Kg guy with near 40+ BMI – you may doubt me but I worked  and overworked between 14-16 hours daily in my past 25 years of work life (of course, I include the travelling hours as work as determined by one of the Supreme Courts in some country) which makes me an authority to write on the subject. 
This will be a short series of articles focused on what a typical Executive in C Suite undergoes and what they can do from my experiences. 
I use One of Two Cardamom in my Tea Cup twice a day alongwith 1 or 2 Cloves as I mentioned in my First article.

Cardamom nutrition facts

Black cardamom pods. Note for bigger sized dark brown pods.

Health benefits of cardamom

My Tea is a self-made decoction and apart from a Tea Mix (bags) I try which include either TajMahal or Darjeeling Tea with Red or Yellow Label Tea I also include in it Two Cloves + Two Cardamoms+++. What is the +++ please read in the third and last of the forthcoming articles of this short series.  I have found this decoction useful for me. I am no scientist so usual amateur’s disclaimers apply such as each one has a unique taste, digestion system etc. etc. – so it is not a universal solution I suggest. This is my experience and it has been working for me. Try at your own risk and stop if it is not working for you.
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