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C Suite Mentoring: When To Stop?

Suite MentorC Suite Mentoring: When To Stop?
Dhananjay Parkhe

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C Suite Mentoring: When To Stop?

I met my mentee after an year and in his city after 4 years. I had a meeting at 11.30AM and we had some time to catch up.  We decided to go to a new 5 Star Hotel for Coffee.
He had come in a new Toyota Fortuner and I must say I was impressed with the feeling of Space, Gadgetry and Ease with which he was driving. We left the Car with the Valet and took a token.
After about 45 minutes we came to the porch and He presented the Token to the Valet to fetch the Car.  After couple of minutes the Valet pointed to a very smallHyundai i10 Car and said ” Sir, That’s your Car ! “ Not just the Car Owner – I was also shocked and surprised.  However, My Mentee said in all humbleness and humility to the Valet – ” But, Sirrrr… I gave you a Brand New Toyota Fortuner ! ” The Security head and the Valet’s supervisor jumped in and in a jiffy the ORIGINAL car was returned. ( No apologies – as it appears to be a regular incident in that Brand New 5 Star Hotel in New Delhi’s Twin Town Gurgaon) ! WOW ! 
I pondered over the incident and could not but stop and appreciate my Mentee who is a Managing Director of Two Private Firms who:
1. Kept his cool.
2. Showed respect to the Valet
3. Was Humble and displayed humility.
Personally, I felt that he has learnt quite a few lessons.  He has learnt the Dignity of Labour. He understand that People can make mistakes.  They need a chance to correct their mistakes.  There is no point creating scene in public places by show of tempers.
I would like to draw a parallel to a breast-fed child who undergoes the pain of being ‘weaned’ by the mother.  In a child’s life it is the most harrowing experience and I have seen small kids turning rebellous when this happens.  I have also seen the same happen with Calfs and other animal ‘kids’ who behave differently.  For an Adult – Mentoring is always Free but sometimes it leads to attachment, affinity yet a time comes to bid goodbye … 
I had read – ‘ A Master Appears when the Pupil is Ready’ and I said to myself – ‘It is Time for the Mentor to Go as the Mentee is more than Ready ! ” 🙂  Do you Agree.

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