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Two Terms – Ratios and Mutual Funds

Two Terms - Ratios and Mutual Funds
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Two Terms – Ratios and Mutual Funds

Term of the Day


result of one number or quantity divided by another. Ratios are the simplest mathematical (statistical) tools that reveal significant relationships hidden in mass ofdata, and allow meaningful comparisons. Some ratios are expressed as fractions or decimals, and some as percentages. Major types of businessratios include (1)efficiency, (2) liquidity, (3) profitability, and (4) solvency ratios.

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Usage Example
Because of the overwhelming ratio of unqualified buyers, business brokers generally are hard to approach.

Term of the Day

mutual fund

An open-ended fund operated by an investment company which raisesmoney fromshareholders and invests in a group of assets, in accordancewith a stated set ofobjectives

Mutual funds raise money by selling shares of the fund to the sale of their shares…
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Usage Example
The first place you should look for information when considering investing in amutual fund is the fund’s prospectus.
Quotable Quote of the Day.

“Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to fish, and you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.” 
-Karl Marx
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