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Short Sale and Capital – Terms of the Day

Short Sale and Capital - Terms of the Day
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Short Sale and Capital – Terms of the Day

Term of the Day

short sale

Borrowing a security (or commodity futures contract) from a broker andselling it, with the understanding that it must later be bought back (hopefully at a lower price) and returned to the broker.
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Short selling (or “selling short”) is a technique used by investors who try toprofit from the falling price of a
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Usage Example
If your lending institution is in agreement, then you should be able to purchase theshort sale like any other home.

Term of the Day


1. wealth in the form of money or assets, taken as a sign of the financialstrength of an individualorganization, or nation, and assumed to be available for developmentor investment
1. Accounting: money invested in a business to generate income
1. Economics: factors of production that are used to create goods or servicesand are not themselves in the process.

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Usage Example
The manpower and capital required to successfully market a product can be impossible for a tiny startup.
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