#169 – Adiós and Thank you – Linkedin Pulse Influencer Platform

Adiós and Thank you Linkedin for Opening up the Linkedin Pulse Influencer Platform for all Bloggers and budding authors who are keen to publish long posts.
On 4th April, I published my first post and since then published 168 which is a run-rate of almost over 1 article per day till 9th September.
Reflecting back on this journey let me begin where it all started. In February, I got admitted to a renowned Heart Hospital in Bangalore for Cardiac issues. After returning home, having been advised Rest, Strict Diet, Fitness regimen and Medicines I received an email to get well from my Respected Guru – Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.
While wishing me to get better, he mentioned that I should observe closely everything happening around me as this is my life-phase of ‘Temporary Sanity’. He said, before Normalcy returns, I should also begin sharing as much as I can – what I have learnt.
Temporary Sanity – The words shook me !
Reflecting deep into their meaning, I realised that all the things that the Doctors advised me to STOP were things I was doing knowingly. I had a problem of ‘Too Much’ or simply ‘A Problem of Plenty’ or ‘Overdoing’ ( Like writing an article a day for Linkedin Pulse ! 🙂 ) .For e.g. Smoking, Drinking, Over-eating, Skipping Lunch, Eating junk food, Peanuts and whatever else ! I was inviting the Double By-pass Surgery. Fortunately, the Good doctors felt they could help me reverse the Heart Disease if I helped myself by following their Sane Advice.
Normalcy will Never be the Same ‘NORMAL’ for me Again !
I enjoyed writing a post every day infact, began drafting and keeping articles for future so that I don’t overload the Readers ( I realised, I had stored over 100 more articles in semi-finished state in ‘Draft’ mode). But then, I realised that this September, Come September – my Test results were showing ‘ Near Normalcy’. I have responded to the treatment, I have allowed myself to be ‘Sane Again’! I have strictly followed the Recommendations of the Doctors and Plus some with the help of my family members who supported me at every step otherwise – leaving 30-40 years of habits is not at all simple. Thank you all.
I had a Professor in my Part-Time Evening Course Management School. He was a Master of a technique called ‘Process Labs’. He had once suggested me to revive my hobby interests some day and begin Drawing and Painting. This month I revived this hobby. I left this in 1965 when I lost my father.
I had great Gurus in Prof. R.C.Bhavsar and Prof. Sachchidanand Nagdeve in School who were passionate teachers and took pains to tell me the Art. The best learning I had was:
‘You may initially spoil a painting, the worst you can as you are leaning and we shall help you restore it , Only caveat is, the transformed painting may not look as what you originally planned to paint, but we guarantee it would be Better and Still Better.”
I humbly reflect back on the past 6-7 months and remember my Gurus and Mentors to think – is this what is happening to me ? I was a turnaround Management artist. I am being transformed, restructured, rejuvenated and Turned around – into Permanent Sanity ? And, sure, by reversing the Heart disease, restoring Health and Normalcy – my life will not be the same as I planned to live earlier. It is getting Better and Still Better. I thank them all for this Transmogrification !
Along the way, my sincere thanks to the Linkedin Pulse team which tolerated me and many like me – the budding authors by giving an excellent Influencer platform on Pulse. It brought me 5674 new followers in a short while. I shall keep writing – but not at the same pace and not at just this platform but mostly on my own blog pages. Linkedin also helped me to enhance my new connections in past 6 months by over 2000 new connections which is great. Nearly 300 people average read my posts here regularly and I hope, I was able to share something useful.
So Adio’s ( as they say in Spanish) Linkedin Pulse – Thank you.