#166 – Appreciate ! Why Best Favours are Worth Doing for Doing !

I wrote about the company I worked for and the DMTGP concept we followed – Deliver More through Great People. One of the ideas we brain stormed in my team was to create ‘Thank You’ Stores. You would gain entry there on your Supervisor, Manager or Boss in general granting you access.
It was a Glass Showcase which had company promo materials and other useful stuff, like the Chinese Feng-Shui boats and wind chimes which you could pick up – No questions asked. It was our way of saying ‘Thank you’ to employees for the good work done.
Another idea was to distribute small Thank You cards – the visiting card size which I got made with Roses background from VistaPrint and MOO. The surprise element was when on Valentine’s Day we asked the employees to exchange these cards for Actual Roses when the Market had shortage of Roses and the available ones’ were very expensive !
It felt great to see over 1000 Cards exchanges from a Team of 250 people. Of course, the Girls were the happiest lot as they received all of them from the Boys in the Team.
Were we doing favours? Not at all. It was simple expression of Gratitude for the Good work of the Men and Women at work who contributed to the Team Performance or did exemplary, extraordinary deeds to go out and help the customers or their colleagues.
I read an article recently. It was a short RSS Feed by my favorite Author Seth Godin. It lands in my mailbox because I have given Permission. He is after all, the Great author of the Concept of “Permission Marketing” which I respect.
This time the Feed had three quick points which said:
  1. “Those people who owe you because you mowed their lawn, drove carpool, promoted their site, gave them advice, listened to you in the middle of the night— they will probably let you down.
  2. Favors aren’t for trading, they wear out, they fade away, they are valued differently by the giver and the receiver.
  3. No, the best favors are worth doing for the doing, not because we’ll ever get paid back appropriately. “