#164 – 7 Ways The C Suite Mentor Helps you to Best the Best

No. It’s not my Sales Pitch as Mentoring is not my Business. ( Please do read my Bio-Summary on the Profile page). It is just a fond wish to Mentor the C Suite member/s to be what I am stating in following lines.
So it is kind of a Purpose/ Objective statement which I wish to fulfill as my personal CSR. The Mentee Goals are Priority # 1. Yet, if the mentee fulfills what I state below – this satisfies me.
Please do read on:
We Mentor you to be the Best.
You know it.
To be the Best,
You have to Beat
(be better than the Best)
And Be the Best.
So What does a C Suite Mentor help you Do.
Be Better, Still Better.
Do Better, Still Better.
We don’t make you the Chess Player who lives by Excuses.
You learn to own up failure and remember the Learning as Experience.
So you learn to Out-Negotiate the Competition. You learn to Win.
1. Out Negotiate
You Learn to Compete. Compete to Out-Perform and Deliver More.
2. Out-Perform
Even if some people dislike your Moves. Make Ethical Moves Always !
You learn to Out Swim and Go longer distances, explore New Territories.
3. Out-Swim
You learn to Swim with Sharks without being eaten alive ( Harvey Mackay)
You learn to be rational. You learn not to overpromise. You become a Realist.
You learn to Do what you love, Love what you do.
Make sure that the below statement is never said about you.
You learn to Go the Extra-Mile. You Learn to Out-Smart the Competition.
You Out-Work with your dint of hard work and Stamina. You find God Speed.
5. Out-Work and 6. Out-Smart
You Learn that “Humility means accepting reality with no attempt to outsmart it.”
You learn to Deliver more than you promise.
In Summary, learn to :
1. Out Negotiate
2. Out Peform
3.Out Swim
4.Out Do
5. Out Work
6. Out-Smart
7. Out Deliver