#155- 6 P’s of CSR Success in the C Suite.

A reader kindly asked me to elaborate on the Role of the C Suite in Owning and Promoting CSR within the Organisation and outside. The prior article was bit lengthy and I could not add it there.
First, Let me Give you 6 P’s of CSR Success: They are…
Let me explain.
I consider myself lucky to have worked with the Dutch MNC where the CEO and the Board was all three i.e. Passionate, Possessive, Possesed and considered CSR as a medium to instill Pride in our people. This C Suite took is beyond in the typical ‘Inside to Outside’ approach and developed very strong Partnerships with UN WFP and other organisations worldwide in Pursuit of Common objectives, Common Passions, Using Common Possessions, Motivating People to Participate and like People Possessed carry forward CSR.
This was the First company in Europe, to publish its Annual report and the CSR Annual report simultaneously on the Same Day ! And, predictably, the AGMs had more questions from stakeholders about CSR, Road Safety and all the good things we were doing towards fulfilment of this cause.
As I joined this function – moving sideways from my Profit Centre role, I was told by the interviewer:
1. You’ll move from Command Role to Influence and Impact Role.
2. You’ll Indirectly impact and influence all the People who work for the company and its stakeholders in your country.
3. Don’t Expect thanks, you may feel it’s a thankless job – Enjoy ! If you like works of Public Good !
4. Your phones will stop ringing, you may begin to feel you are held incommunicado ! You can change all that – The Initiative is in your hands ~ as is the Finishiative !
So Here You have the Success Formula in All P’s for Great CSR permeating from the Very Top – The C Suite and the Supervisory Board down to the junior most person on the shopfloor:
  1. Passion for what we do,
  2. Possession/ Possessiveness,
  3. Possessed People, Determined People,
  4. Pride in People,
  5. People doing works of Public Good,
  6. Partnerships – In Humanitarian work there is No Competition.
With Able support from the Top – This became our Formula for Success !