Oneness that is ‘us’

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, first you must create the universe. Carl Sagan Today, continue to explore the oneness that is “us.”

Ger of the Country 18.8%: All India Survey on Higher Education Provisional Report

Ger of the Country 18.8%: All India Survey on Higher Education Provisional Report

Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Shri Kapil Sibal, released the first Provisional Report of the ambitious All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) here today. The report contains countrywide estimates of Gross Enrolment Ratio on the basis of data collected till July 31, 2012, from the Higher Education (HE) Institutions of the country including Universities, Colleges, and Stand-Alone Institutions.

The key idea behind this Survey and the resulting document is to prepare a sound database on the large and diverse system of Higher Education in the country. The Survey compiles and manages statistics directly online from respondent institutions. The Ministry has constituted a Task Force to carry out the Survey. This Task Force has representations from stake-holders including the Ministry, the UGC, the AICTE, various Regulatory Bodies, as well as Departments of Higher Education of the States. Shri Sunil Kumar, Chief Secretary of Chhattisgarh, the then Additional Secretary in the Department of Higher Education is its Chairman.

The Provisional Report contains statistical information on various aspects of all the Institutions of Higher Education in India. It is heartening to know that the overall Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of the country stands at 18.8% (based on estimated figures collected till July 31, 2012). The estimated statistics are expected to be revised, considering that data is still being uploaded on the AISHE portal ( or Few more detailed reports will be released as the first year of the survey comes to a close. The Ministry has also taken a decision to continue the Survey on annual basis which will replace the existing manual system of data collection in higher education.

The entire survey has been voluntary, based on motivation of respondents; and without any statutory mandate in place for collecting information of this nature. It needs a Survey like this to bring out the correct and complete picture of the system so that relevant statistics are available to the Central Government as well as State Governments, in order to devise future policies. Besides, the Report will also create immediate awareness of the present status of the Higher Education and its growth since Independence till date.

Ministry-wise PIB releases

Ministry-wise PIB releases

Connection with universe

To describe myself in a scientific way, I must also describe my surroundings, which is a clumsy way of getting around to the realization that you are the entire universe. Alan Watts Today, explore your connection to all that is. Try to find a line where you begin and end. Hint: “My skin” is not the answer. Keep looking.

Carpe Diem

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero. Seize today, and put as little trust as you can in the morrow. Horace Today, be and do as if there will be no tomorrow.

Gifts in China: what to give, what to avoid (infographic) | Illuminant.

Gifts in China: what to give, what to avoid (infographic)

This month’s Illuminant’s Chinese Takeout focuses on China’s gift culture: what gifts are good, auspicious and lucky, and which gifts you should avoid giving!

As our infographic says in its introduction, receiving a gift from a Chinese business or government contact and not having an appropriate gift to give in return causes embarrassment and a sense of debt (which is unhelpful in a Chinese negotiation).  Conversely, the giving of a gift to a Chinese party (and catching him or her without a response) can put you into a stronger position, at least to be able to secure a follow-up meeting!

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Scroll to the bottom to download a high-resolution version in PDF.

Illuminant's Chinese Takeout Vol-04 Enter the Dragon - Gifts (what to give, what to avoid)


Click to download a high-resolution PDF of Illuminant’s Chinese Takeout: Enter the Dragon (Gifts in China)

Special credit for this month’s infographic goes to our awesome researcher Nicky Ruan for the topic and research, and our funky new designer Gina Kim for her terrific illustrations.

Being Here

Your understandings are of misunderstandings. St. Francis of Assisi Today, notice how far conditioned mind’s “knowing” and “understanding” pull you from being here where life happens. 270