61. Two women and a baby

Two women and the baby One day two women came to the court with a baby. Both of them were crying. Akbar said”What is your problem? Why are you crying?” One of the women said “Your Majesty! I am Sita and she is Gita. This is my baby. But Gita says that my baby belongs to her.” Gita interrupted “No your Majesty! This is my baby. I have given birth to her.” Saying so both of them started crying and quarelling. As both of them did not belong to this town, there was nobody who knew them. Everone looked at Birbal. Birbal whispered something to the soldier. He went and came back with a sword. Birbal said to the women “As both of you claim to be the mother of this child, I have decided to give it to both of you . I will cut this baby into half abd give both of you.” Saying so, he raised the sword to cut the baby. Sita came running to Birbal and held his hand. Sita said “Please spare my baby. Let Gita have this baby. Do not kill the baby.” Birbal handed over the baby to Sita and said “No mother wants to have her baby killed. She does not want to cause harm to her innocent baby. So, Sita reacted immediately while Gita did not. Hence Sita only can be this child’s mother.” Gita was arrested. Everone gave a standing ovation to Birbal.