51. Neither here nor there

Neither Here, Nor There Akbar always used to admire Birbal. Because of that many other courtiers used to be envy with him so they always thought some or the other way to let him down. Once one of them said to king – “Huzoor, You always give work to Birbal, we can also do the same what Birbal can do, just give us a try.” King said – “OK, Let me give you some work.” He called one of them and said – “I give you three Rupees (Indian currency). You go and buy three things from them of one Rupee each. The first thing should be of “here”, the second thing should be of “there”, and the third thing should be of “neither her, nor there”. That courtier immediately went to market and asked those things from the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper laughed loudly – “Where in the world you can get these things? You can’t.” Tired of searching those thing the courtier came back empty-handed and reported to king – “These things cannot be got anywhere at any price. So if Birbal can bring them then we will consider him great.” Akbar called Birbal and asked him to bring the same things. Birbal said – “They will be here tomorrow.” Next day as Birbal came in the court, Akbar reminded him his things. Birbal said – “Yes Jehaanpanaah, The first Rupee I gave to one beggar. That reached God from there (the other world). The second Rupee I spent to buy some sweets, that was used here; and third Rupee I spent in playing dice, this Rupee is neither used here nor there (the other world). All courtiers were very surprised to hear Birbal’s logic. Akbar gave him a big prize.